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This is where I.D. members share their own great videos featuring performances, trick ideas, hidden camera tapings, thoughts on theory, and a lot more.

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Student Level

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced deceiver, this is the perfect place to start exploring the amazing variety of training videos available on the site.

Each one of these especially powerful deceptions is a guaranteed reputation maker.

Learn some of the secrets to designing your business card, communicating with prospective clients, and other important ‘business stuff.’

Using just a few coins, convince people you are a real magician.

Effects, tips and insights from some of Jay’s favorite deception artists and fellow I.D. members.

The secrets to using magic + mentalism to connect with attractive strangers and ‘get that phone number.’

This is where I.D. members share their own great videos featuring performances, trick ideas, hidden camera tapings, thoughts on theory, and a lot more.

Learn the closely-guarded secrets to reading minds, predicting the future, influencing people and more.

A crash course for all skill levels, in some of the world’s best magic with playing cards.

Become a master of the art of sleight-of-hand. Possess the skills to amaze people anytime, anywhere.

Roll up your sleeves and join Jay, as he and fellow I.D. members work together to create original deceptions from the ground up.

Deceptions designed to push you beyond the boundaries of the typical ‘magician.’

Give your ‘deception muscles’ a very different, and very powerful kind of work-out.

A collection of really fun, ‘next level’ pranks. Each is destined to inspire memorable reactions.

Graduate Level


This training level was created for more seasoned performers. Many of our Graduate members have been performing magic or mentalism for years, and want to focus on certain areas of deception.

Have the questions that matter most to you, answered by some of the most experienced magicians and mentalists in the business.

He can read the minds . . . predict the future . . . cause the tornado. Welcome to the world of the truly mental . . . Boris Pocus

Take your sleight-of-hand to the next level with a deeper understanding of the psychology of manual deception.

Original deceptions involving an fascinating collection of gimmicks you can make yourself!

Print-off gimmicks and hard copies of valuable information from your own computer.

Deceptions involving fire tend to inspire especially dramatic reactions.

Invaluable information for the serious deceiver. The what, the how, and the why.

‘Impossible moments’ with dollar bills, business cards, finger rings, drinking straws, etc.

Watch clips of Jay performing in comedy clubs, restaurants, theatres, on talk shows, in the street, and more.

A place for sharing thoughts about some of Jay’s favorite quotes from artists, performers, etc.

Professional Level


If you are serious about earning a living as either a part-time or full-time professional performer, this is the level for you.

A study of exceptional uses of deception including magicians, spies, con men, forgers, painters and other artists.

Jay shows you how to overcome the many challenges of going from an experienced amateur to a full-time professional.

Magicians and mentalists can learn a lot about performance from some of the world’s best stand-up comics, musicians, public speakers and more.

Humor can be a very powerful part of your performances, and your branding. Learn how to add humor to both!

Learn how to make the most of these challenging and rewarding performance environments.

Performing for larger audiences has its own challenges and rewards. Explore the principles + techniques of this very exciting work.

An in-depth discussion of the keys to discovering, developing and marketing your unique brand of magic or mentalism.